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The beginning of the festival is associated with the rebirth of the Raubonys water mill. It was then that a group of active people came up with the idea of organising a festival representing arts, crafts and music.
This idea has grown into a traditional event. Every year the festival evolves, improves, becomes more attractive and attracts new participants.

In 2019, the festival took place over two days and introduced a new feature: the sauna. All those who wanted to could try the extremely pleasant woolen sauna. Throughout the festival, there was no shortage of fun traditional music and songs: various folklore ensembles, bands and singers of traditional songs from all over Lithuania presented their concert programmes. In the evening, the sky was illuminated by a spectacular fire show!

In 2020, the 5th Festival took place - a two-day event where participants could learn about different crafts, try and experience things they hadn't yet discovered. In the sauna courtyard, you could try out the wool sauna and the sauna spa, and learn about sauna traditions. The event was also dedicated to the little ones, with fun games in the children's courtyard. The festival featured a presentation of the culinary heritage of the Pasvalys region. The Atžalynas community invited people to taste the sweet rosettes made from sumac dough, the Daujėnai community served 'Patalkių košė', the Namišiai community served a rarely available dish - kreken, and the women of Rauboniai invited people to taste the most delicious 'Rauboniai virtieniai'. The celebration featured concerts by art groups from various parts of the country, theatre performances and lectures. The celebration was crowned by the band Thundertale and a spectacular fire show.

In 2021, the 6th Festival turned the clock back one hundred years, when Mr Jonas Ribbe was named as the owner of the mill. The festival was opened by the actors of Pasvalys Gintaras Kutkauskas and the Drãma Studio, who performed the play "Krašto paveikslėliai". The event, filled with the Smetonian era, was full of elegant ladies and charming gentlemen. A vintage car race was organised by the Retro Broliai club. There was no shortage of songs and entertainment throughout the day. The evening was crowned by Vaida Genytė, Egidijus Bavikinas and the Brass Bravo sextet. On the second day, the audience was entertained by the Krekenava theatre "Avilys", the lectures of the lecturer Rasa Čirienė, and, of course, the young people from Vaškai - the band "Gers".

2022 m. septintasis tarptautinis amatų ir meno festivalis „Vilnonės dienos“ vėl pakvietė į Raubonis. Šį kartą festivalis persikėlė iš rudens pradžios į vasaros pabaigą. Svarbiausiu festivalio akcentu tapo teatralizuotas malūno atidarymas po rekonstrukcijos. Festivalį bei atkurtą malūną aplankė daugelis, dalyviai sugužėjo ne tik iš visos Lietuvos, atvyko ir iš kaimyninės Latvijos. Pirmą kartą festivalyje dalyvavo kolektyvas iš Latvijos, Ceraukstes folkloro ansamblis „Laukam pāri“. The festival was packed with performances by various groups: folklore ensembles, theatres and folk music bands.
The second day of the festival was also full of music and crafts. 
The morning started with traditional musicians Tam Kart᾽. The folklore ensemble "Tatula" continued. Herbalist Virginijus Skirkevičius gave a lecture and gave advice to everyone. Later, the Krekenava theatre "Avilys" gave a performance, and the festival closed with a programme by Saulijus Petreikis Trio.
The festival featured a photography exhibition "Lietuvos malūnai", organised by Pumpėnai artist Virginijus Navalinskas. The exhibition of photographs from the family archives of the former mill manager P. Paura took us back to the time when the Raubonys mill existed and was well known.