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International Craft and Art Festival

Vilnonės dienos

31 August – 1 September 2024

Raubonys | Pasvalys district

Traditional crafts and music come together

History of the festival

The festival has been taking place in Raubonys (Pasvalys district) since 2015 and is characterised by its extraordinary warmth and tenderness.
The beginning of the festival is associated with the rebirth of the Raubonys water mill, a hot spring brewery. It was then that a group of active people came up with the idea of organising a festival representing arts, crafts and music (traditional folklore). This idea has grown into a traditional event. Every year the festival develops, improves, becomes more attractive and attracts a lot of new visitors.
The festival already has regular participants who bring a new group of friends and associates every year.

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The warmest festival in Lithuania

About the festival

"Vilnonės dienos" Festival is the most gentle festival in Lithuania, because wool reigns supreme. It takes place in the picturesque valley of the Tatula River. The festival has already been held eight times and is widely known not only throughout Lithuania but also in neighbouring countries.

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