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In 2020, the Raubonys Village Community successfully implemented its idea.
The community has come up with a modern way of presenting its famous places. It was decided to create a tourist itinerary with QR codes marking the places of interest. Once scanned with mobile devices, information about the site could be found on the community's website. 

The Raubonys village community has set up a cognitive route to look for hidden "sheep". Each "sheep" has a QR code, which can be scanned to find out the history or even the legend of the place. The "sheep" is the symbol of the route for a reason - Raubonys is famous for its water mill, which has a wool carding plant, and for the educational programmes "The Way of Wool", "Woolen Weaving", "The Peculiarities of Woolen Sauna", and " Cooking". The playful route is not only fun for those who enjoy leisure tourism, but also for the younger generation, who are particularly interested in rediscovering their own land in an interactive way.

To find out more about this educational track and game, visit